A Day At Legoland Florida

Over a recent visit to San Diego with my five-year old girl, I was in for a pleasant surprise in-the form of Legoland California. Ive known about the Legoland theme park for a few years and, on a suggestion from a buddy of mine, chose to give an attempt to the place. Just what a great decision it had been because for any household with children under age five, a day at Legoland is something which shouldnt be-missed. I took more pictures of my daughter all through our trip to Legoland California than I did at Disney-land and The San Diego Wild Animal Park mixed.

Legoland is divided into seven different areas, each with their own style, presenting rides and attractions which can be over a Lego size. And when I say Lego degree, I mean that almost everything in the park consists of these famous model blocks that so many people enjoyed growing up. The simplest way to describe what to expect-from a trip to Legoland is to play a game of Lego Star Wars with your child on your favorite video game system. The knowledge is a thing that children will cherish with just enough fun left for an adult. Among the main goals of the theme park, which Legoland achieves well, would be to develop attractions that parents and kids could enjoy together.

The key thing breaking up Legoland from most other theme parks is that most of the attractions offer a hands-on experience to young ones. There have been several times throughout our visit that I had to interrupt what my child was doing as a way to reach our goal of seeing the entire park. Each task that she participated in might have easily filled our whole day if permitted to do this. Its easy to find out why as soon as your daughter or son can play with tens of thousands of Lego blocks, capture water cannons at pirate boats, dig for dinosaur fossils, drive Lego cars, and run around in big playground areas. The most distinctive feature of Legoland, which I came across both interesting and brilliant, were the Lego playing places that were near a lot of the tours. It allowed the youngsters as the parents waited in line to play with Legos. Visit visitbuenapark.com to compare the meaning behind this idea. Those who have ever waited consistent with their child at Disney-land or Six Flags could determine what a good idea that is.

As stated before, Legoland provides many good picture-taking opportunities as the attractions are, for one of the most part, interesting and easy-to approach up close. One section of the park that is a must-visit is Miniland USA. It features Lego developed models of famous structures such as the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument, the Golden Gate Bridge, and many more. The type of the White House even involved a moving presidential motorcade that drives down a replica of Pennsylvania Avenue. My kids favorite elements of Legoland were The Dragon rollercoaster and The Hideaways play area that are both located in the Knights Kingdom. In terms of myself, I couldnt resist the temptation to test my understanding as a fireman at the Fun Town Fire Academy. Should people wish to identify more on site, we know about many resources people can investigate. I was reminded by this attraction of the real difficulties you see on todays reality shows. Naturally, I did so let my daughter help me get the fire truck slightly bit.

Overall, our visit to Legoland California was a fun-filled day of family togetherness. The advertising of Legoland, while not far-reaching, is great as it accurately shows the excitement to be enjoyed in the park. Legolands employees were both helpful and efficient, and the facilities, specially the bathroom areas, were clear. Bring your wallet because Legoland is a bit expensive, but the wide variety of food is good-by design park standards and there are plenty of gift shops to purchase gifts and every form of Lego collection you can imagine. Next time you and your loved ones look at the San Diego area, dont forget to squeeze a trip to Legoland California in-to your schedule, you won’t be disappointed..

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